Is Nvidia Linux Driver 440.56 supported on Ubuntu 1804?

Hey Guys,

I’m running into issues with getting vGPU working on an Ubuntu 1804 VM. Now for some context, I’ve got the Windows 10 VM working as expected already so I’m familiar with setting-up the VM for it to it working with VMware Horizon.

I’ve followed the official Nvidia set-up guide for that driver version (10.1) and got the driver installed albeit some warnings during the installation such as:

  1. The distribution-provided pre-install script failed! ( i chose to continue installation)
  2. Unable to find a suitable destination to install 32-bit compatibility libraries… (Ok option inly)
  3. An incomplete installation of libglvnd was found… (chose install and ovewrite)

So the driver got installed, rebooted, nvidia-smi reporting the card is detected, but I can’t run nvidia-settings to license the vGPU. Running that command on the CLI throws the following:

  • ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system.

Launching it with -V spits out an additional warning aside from the Error above:

  • WARNING: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display

I have a feeling its not supported as reviewing the VMware Horizon 7 set-up guide for Linux does not include commands for Ubuntu.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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By default, Ubuntu will use the open-source video driver Nouveau for your NVIDIA graphics card. An alternative to Nouveau is the closed source NVIDIA drivers, which are developed by NVIDIA. This driver provides excellent 3D acceleration and video card support.

I got the same issue

How could I resolve it?