Support for vSphere 6.7 U1

Hi guys,

VMware released yesterday the update1 for vSphere 6.7.
In the Nvidia vGPU manager release notes I can only see the statement regarding the esx hypervisor "6.7 and compatible updates" are supported.

So is vSphere 6.7U1 already supported? We want to use vMotion on our vGPU VMs.



vMotion will be supported with our next major release 7.0. This was announced at GTC last week and will be available in a few days.

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Cool, thanks for the update.
Looking forward for the upcoming major release :)

Hi There,

Any update on this? It has been almost a week now and Grid 7.0 has yet to be released.

We have our final Horizon 7 upgrade POC on hold waiting for this release.

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vGPU 7.0 is due to be released this month (so within the next 8 days). Plan your deployment for that time scale.

That said, there’s an NVIDIA webinar later today talking about the new vGPU software, it might give a more accurate release date:


They just announced that they are releasing Grid 7.0 on Friday Oct 26th.

Yay :)

For those interested… Grid 7.0 for ESX 6.7 U1 /w vGPU vMotion support has been released.

Vmware provided me this information but I have yet to verify if it is required:

[b]I see that you had a query related to vGPU + vMotion support.

Support of vMotion for vGPU enabled VMs has been introduced from Horizon 7.6 onwards. This feature is dependent on vSphere 6.7 update 1 or above.

You must enable the advanced vCenter feature named vgpu.hotmigrate.enabled ( set it to true) for supporting vMotion on vGPU enabled VMs.

For more details, please see vSphere documentation below:

Following table ( matrix ) represents the supported combinations of Horizon View and vSphere.

Hope this helped in addressing your query.[/b]