VMware release vSphere 6 with support for Nvidia GRID vGPU


Application Publishing and 3D Graphics Support - VMware Horizon 6 offers comprehensive support for applications, from simple to complex. Port level redirection of local USB storage devices enables access to files through published applications and virtual desktops. NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ technology, VMware vSphere® 6 and Horizon 6 combined can deliver a great end-user experience for rich, 3D graphics on high performance virtual desktops for the most demanding end-users and scalability that IT teams require.

“Our experience with NVIDIA GRID vGPU and VMware Horizon on vSphere has been incredibly positive,” said Michael S. Goay, executive director, Information Technology, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California. “We look forward to sharing a single GPU across multiple users without any sacrifice in compatibility or user experience. Plus, we’ll be able to better allocate computer resources to drive higher user density on each vSphere host.”