Xenserver 7 Nvidia Grid 369.71 Driver on VM Win7 issue

Hi everybody;
I fresh installed Xenserver 7.0 and applied all release patch. That server is Dell R720 and it has two nvidia K2 card, I also installed nvidia grid driver 367.64 rpm file from public Nvidia driver web sites. Than I created Win 7 sp1 x64 vm on that host server. I installed nvidia grid 369.71 driver which extracted from same pack Xenserver Nvidia drivers. After driver install to guest Win 7 vm reboot it but checked it nvidia grid driver do not applied. I checked device manager K240 driver icon still has yellow triangle.
is this any one encounter this issue?
Could you please advice me what is wrong my steps?
Best regards


did you check with nvidia-smi on the host to see if the vGPU manager is properly installed ?
Please also use: rpm -qa | grep -i Nvidia to show the rpm you installed.



Hi sschaber;
Our problem was solved below article
best regards