NVIDIA GRID K2 With Hyper-V 2016

Hi Guys (and girls),

This is my first post so let me introduce myself first:
My name is Remy Cavo and i’m IT Consultant from the Netherlands primarily focusing on VDI en SBC projects (mostly with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop). Here is my first question for this forum:.

My question is related to GRID K2 in combination with Hyper-2016 I did some research so I probably know the answer to my own question.


MY Question: Can i conclude (after my research) that an NVIDIA GRID K2 wil not function (at least it’s not an supported scenario) In an Hyper-2016 / XenDesktop (7.12) setup? I’m searching for conformation on this matter.

Thank you and I greatly appreciate any help you could render.

This NVIDIA blog https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/09/14/citrix-xendesktop-nvidia-grid/ states the following:
More good news – NVIDIA GRID comes with Windows Server 2016 day one support. Citrix deployments on Hyper-V can immediately benefit from support for Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) also known as GPU-passthrough, delivering workstation performance from Microsoft Hyper-V based data centers.

But there are no (official) 2016 NVIDIA GRID K2 drivers (that I can find)?

NVidia forget to add Win2016 tag under GRID/“GRID Series” download (search under Quadro/K5000 older drivers and check for supported cards), passthrough driver is normal driver … https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/1081/general-discussion/grid-k1-support-drivers-for-windows-server-2016-and-or-hyper-v-server-2016/

Hi mcerveny,

Thanks for your reply I found the Win2016 drivers for our GRID K2 card on the NVIDIA site.
We are doubting about what to use as hypervisor for our VDI environment? Can you help with this matter?
What I conclude after my research is that the latest Quadro Desktop Driver for Win2016 doesn’t support the GRIDK2 card anymore check --> http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/Quadro_Certified/376.62/376.62-winserver2016-quadro-tesla-grid-release-notes.pdf

For what I can see the latest XenServer driver for GRID K2 is still supported bij NVIDIA.

XenServer | GRID K2:
Release Date: 2016.11.18
Version: 369.71
Still supported: For what I can see yes!

Hyper-V (Server 2016) | GRID K2:
Release Date: 2016.10.10
Version: R367 U5 (369.49)
Still supported: NO = the latest driver R375 U4 (376.62) is not supported for GRID)

Thank you and I greatly appreciate any help you could render.

NVidia should answer.

[i]My opinion:

NVidia makes different “Releases” or “Branches” of Quadro drivers (for example R361, R367, (R370 QNF branch), R375 and (R378 QNF branch)). The “Release” supports some features, some cards and are certified for some version of programs (CAD/CAM…) and some version of operation systems (Win2016 …) (see http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro-branch-history-table.html). There are more supported “Releases” in same time.

The combination of Grid K* + Windows2016 is only supported in “Release” R367 from U4 (369.26) onwards (also update R367 U5 (369.49)). NVidia should update and support for OEM partners (patches only, no new features) this R367 till 2022? (from cisco http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/servers-unified-computing/ucs-c-series-rack-servers/eos-eol-notice-c51-738272.pdf). NVidia NGCA know the exact roadmap https://twitter.com/rhbBSE/status/829388848346124290.

GRID 1.0-4.1 drivers should be used with XenServer/vSphere hypervisors for NVidia vGPU technology (NOT RemoteFX vGPU) but also support passthrough (due to its universality) (https://griddownloads.nvidia.com/flex/GRID_4_1_Support_Matrix.pdf). [/i]


and what is now your question? As mcerveny already explained there are different driver branches.
Simply use the GRID driver package (369.71) where Server 2016 is supported. It is also true that we don’t support Server 2016 for K1/K2 starting with the 375.x branch any more as K1/K2 is EOL. But for sure there will be support (fixes but no features) for the 367.x branch for the next years.

BTW: Current GRID driver branch is still 367.x so no support for GRID and 375.x at all.