Nvidia Grid K2!

I have installed the Nvidia Grid K2 in Dell R720 and Active the Passthrough PCIe but getting only 2 vGPUs in the list as
0000:45:00.0 NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIAGRID K2
0000:44:00.0 NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIAGRID K2

So I assigned these to 2 VM’s running Windows 10 Pro
VGPU 44 is working fine but the vGPU 45 is showing me this error in the Device Manager Driver Properties

PCI Slot 192 (PCI bus 11, device 0, function 0)
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

I am running the VM’s in ESXi 6.7 with 6 cores and 16Gb Ram.

And what is the question?
K2 is EOL for years. There is no current driver for K2 to support multi-vGPU.

So what to do now as I just buy it from Amazon and I find the Drivers for ESXi 6.5 Grid K2 on Nvidia Website download page.