VMware Horizon View 6 - Nvidia K2 - DirectX 9,10,11

When will there be support for DirectX 9,10,11 on Horizon View. ?

It’s already supported for vDGA which uses the Nvidia driver.

For vSGA the in VM driver is developed by VMware and so you will need to ask them, though it currently supports DX9.

vGPU will arrive on vSphere 6 when it’s released next year allowing you to use the Nvidia driver in the VM whilst sharing the GPU across multiple users.

Thanks Jason,

Yes I need a new SVGA driver in my vSGA invioment.
The customer would like to run DX 10 and 11.

So I will have to wait for VMware . Have you heard anything about a new driver?


I’ve heard nothing from VMware about any updates to vSGA.

As vGPU, which will be released with Sphere 6, addresses the need for DirectX10, 11 and OpenGL higher than 2.1 I’d suggest that’s your better solution and is available imminently.

As Jason said, NVIDIA GRID vGPU is the new VMware solution for high performance 3D graphics with DX 10, 11 and Open GL 4 requirements. It is now available with Horizon 6.1.


This is your customers way forward for high performance 3D graphics with Horizon View.

The vSGA drivers are now available for download.