GRID K1 and Server 2016

Has anyone gotten a grid k1 and server 2016 to work together using VMware Horizon RDSH? All I manage to get is a black screen upon connection to the RDSH desktop using either Blast or PCoIP. RDP works fine. I’m able to successfully connect to a Windows 10/Windows 7/Server 2012 RDS desktop just fine, but for some reason something isn’t jiving with Server 2016. Tried all vGPU profiles and nothing works, also tried vDGA direct passthrough and that produces a black screen as well on Server 2016. I’ve been working with VMware support but they’re useless as usual.

vSphere 6.5 Update 1
Horizon 7.3.2
GRID 370.28
Cisco C240 M4

Upgrading to Horizon Agent 7.4 and beyond fixed this issue