Server 2016 DDA w. GRID K1 and Server 2012 R2 VM (Testing for Tesla M10)


we’re planning the hardware for a small number of Remote Desktop Session Host-Servers (6-8 RDSH w. Server 2012 R2, later 2016. Office workloads. RemoteFX):
1.) Bare metal w. Quadro M4000 or P4000
2.) Virtualized with Server 2016 Hyper-V Hosts and Tesla M10 passthrough via Discrete Device Assignment (DDA, 1GPU per RDSH).
For evaluating the second scenario we set up a Server 2016 Host with an older K1 Card and installed some VMs:
a.) Server 2016 (German)
-> DDA is working.
-> Driver can be installed (Server 2016, R367 (370.16))
=> The GPU is used in Remote Desktop sessions.
b.) Server 2012 R2 (German)

  • Patch KB3133690 is installed by Windows Updates
    -> DDA is working.
    -> Driver Installation works (Server 2012 R2, R367 (370.16))
    => After reboot the VM hangs. "Point circling" is still okay. After that the screen color is switching do dark und some seconds later to dark blue. Then no reaction. After removing the DDA-GPU the VM boots up.
    c.) Windows 8.1 (German)
    => same behavior as Server 2012 R2

According to:
this should work:

  • The test hardware is a validated server hardware platform.
  • Server 2016 Hyper-V
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 w. KB3133690 is supported guest OS

Does anyone has a hint for using Server 2012 R2 as a guest?

Regards, Helmut

Hi Helmut,

unfortuantely I never tested 2012R2 as a guest for DDA therefore I cannot comment if this might be a driver issue or a general issue with MSFT. I’m only running 2016 without problems. (Same for you). Could you also test with English OS only without any MUIs to exclude a language issue as seen quite often…



Hello Simon,

thank you for your answer. I’ve tried it with an english Version of Server 2012 R2 but same result. It looks like there are issues with Hyper-V DDA but the GRID-release notes lists this configuration.

At the moment it’s an hen-egg problem: Due to don’t bought M10 Cards there is no active licensing or SUMS which I can contact for Service. However, the M10-servers cannot be configured without prior evaluation. Possible it’ll work with the M10 and the K1 is the problem but who knows?

I’ll contact pre-sales but I hope that anyone here as another hint for me.

Thanks, Helmut