NVIDIA Tesla K40C 12GB in RDSH

We have GPU "NVIDIA Tesla K40C 12GB Computational Accelerator" HPE P/N 753960-B21

As RemoteFX is deprecated by Mycrosoft, we are trying to use DDA. And we have troube with DDA it to RDSH.

Host Hyper-v Version: Windows server 2019 Datacenter
Guest OS Version: Windows server 2019 Std


  1. Does this GPU support OS Windows server 2019?
  2. To how many RDSH VM we can pass through this GPU per Virtualisation HOST?
  3. What driver to use in Guest OS? Please provide the link?!
  4. Is this driver require additional licences to purchase?

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As you’ve written in your comment, this is a “Computational” GPU, it’s not for Graphics.

Using DDA, you can Passthrough a GPU to 1 VM, as DDA is a 1-1 assignment.

You’re far better off with another type of GPU, this is very old and very limited. Choose something from the Quadro series, like a P2000 or newer, then you can use DDA and standard Quadro drivers to work with Graphics.



Hi, Thank you very much.
We have HPE DL 380 as a physical platform.

And only this graphics are in hardware compatibility list:

  1. NVIDIA Quadro K2000 PCI-e Graphics Adapter P/N 753959-B21
  2. NVIDIA Quadro K4000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter P/N 730870-B21
  3. NVIDIA Quadro K5000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter P/N 730872-B21
  4. NVIDIA Quadro K6000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter P/N 730874-B21
  5. HP NVIDIA GRID K1 Quad GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator P/N J0G94A
  6. NVIDIA GRID K2 Reverse Air Flow Dual GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator P/N 753958-B21


  1. Will all provided at the bottom cards work in VM with OS Windows Server 2019?
  2. Will "Quadro" Graphics Adapter require Additional Nvidia VGPU lisence in DDA GPU pass-through mode?
  3. Will "NVIDIA GRID K1 Quad GPU" Graphics Adapter require Additional Nvidia VGPU lisence in DDA GPU pass-through mode (4 VM)?
  4. Will "NVIDIA GRID K2" Graphics Adapter require Additional Nvidia VGPU lisence in DDA GPU pass-through mode (2 VM)?

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Quadro GPUs use a standard driver available from the NVIDIA drivers website, not vGPU. The only exception to this are the RTX6000 / RTX 8000 / A6000 which can use vGPU and standard Quadro drivers.

Due to the age of the K1 and K2, these do not require any licensing. However, you’ll be extremely limited on supported driver and Operating System combinations due to their age.



Thanks for you answer!

See, we also already have ability to get "HP Nvidia J0X20A GRID M40 16GB QUAD GPU". HPE P/N 796120-001
Does it require Additional Nvidia VGPU lisence in Microsoft DDA GPU pass-through mode (4 VM)
WE would like to have 4 VM to work with CAD Software

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The M40 is a 1st Generation Maxwell board and is not supported for vGPU.

The oldest GPU you should be working with for vGPU would be an M10 which has 4x 8GB GPUs on it and is currently a fully supported board with the latest vGPU Software. This will run CAD workloads (assuming that the other components of the Server are up to Spec), however it should be noted that this is a low performance GPU, but it should allow you to run the software to some degree.

I would strongly recommend that you stay well away from anything older than the Maxwell architecture. This means avoiding any GPU starting with a "K" (Kepler).

Depending on the CAD applications you will be using (AutoCAD ?), you will also benefit from a QvDWS license to get the best performance out of it. This will allow the maximum amount of Framebuffer to be used for each User.

That said, although the M10 will run CAD workloads, it is not the ideal board for them. You would typically be looking at something like a T4 in combination with QvDWS, assuming the Generation of DL380 is compatible with the T4 GPU.

You’ve mentioned Passthrough / DDA a few times. I’m assuming this is because you are running Hyper-V which currently does not support GPU Virtualisation. The best way forwards would be to either use an M10 with each of the GPUs in Passthrough, and then licensed accordingly, or change your Hypervisor for one that supports GPU Virtualisation. vSphere / XenServer / AHV / KVM all support GPU Virtualisation. That way, you can use a much wider selection of GPUs, and if you’re trying to save costs, you could buy 1x GPU and use the vGPU Software to share it between all of your Users.

As a reference, for CAD, you should be looking at the following VM Spec for each User:

vCPUs: 4-6 Cores @ 3.0Ghz (3.0Ghz at least - Faster is better)
System RAM: 12GB (or higher)
vGPU: 4GB & QvDWS License (4GB at least or higher depending on model size)
Storage: SSD / NVMe