Microsoft Hyper V windows server 2012 Tesla K40C not supported

Hi all,

We are currently working on a server running windows server 2012 R2 (company’s constrain) that is hosting Ubuntu 64 virtual machine dedicated to deep learning using the tensorflow framework.

The problem is that the GPU card we bought (Tesla K40C) seems to be not supported by RemoteFX to allow the VM to use the physical GPU card installed on the host.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?
Can we have this running corretly with vmWare or virtualBox ?

Is there a solution proposed by Nvidia to figure out this kind of architecture problem (nvidia grid ?)

Many thx !!


Indeed it is not supported in that modality.

Hyper-V/RFX does not allow any GPU to be passed directly to a VM.

if you want to use the GPU in a PCI passthrough setting so as to give it to a VM for compute tasks, that may be possible with VMWare. It is not possible with virtualbox

K40c is also not a GRID GPU.

NVIDIA doesn’t officially support K40c in a PCI passthrough setting. It’s recommended to use a baremetal configuration for your use case.

Hi txbob,

Many thx for you help. I will try to set up a VM with WMware.