Telsa P40 RemoteFX

How i can enable RemoteFX in Windows 2016 server Operating system ( Hyper-V) to use NVIDIA Telsa P40 card. In Hyper-V Physical GPU setting i am getting this error " Summary-This Computer doesn’t have any Physical graphics Processing unit(GPU).Use of a RemoteFX 3D video adapter requires at least one Physical GPU that supports RemoteFX"

First of all you should tell us what you want to achieve. Then we may give you a proper advise.

I am adding this server to the RDS setup and want to assign GPU Graphics to the VDI machines . We need to run \ Test 3D applications in the VDI Machines.

So are you talking about Win10 VDI or Server 2016 RDSH?

Host machine is Windows 2016 enabled with RDSH & we are having Windows 10 VDI

Unfortunately I have no experience with RemoteFX and Tesla P40. As RemoteFX is deprecated technology I never had a customer really using it. Server 2019 fully removed the RemoteFX functionality.
I could only help with DDA but Passthrough won’t help in your scenario.