GRID M40 and Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V

I am thinking about getting a GRID M40 card (4x GM107 chips) for RemoteFX on a Windows 2012 R2 host. Is there any special license I have to get? Where can I find the drivers for the card? I don’t need any special feature such as vGPU etc - no linux involves. Cheers.

There is no GRID M40 card.

The 4 x GPU card is the M10. For use with RemoteFX in VDI you will require a license at the level of Virtual PC for each running VM. If using RDSH, then you’ll require Virtual Apps for each session.

There’s a licensing guide here.

Thanks, how about direct hardware passthrough? Do I need a license for that? In Windows Server 2016 it is possible to do DDA so VM can access the GPU directly. I don’t need vGPU and I don’t need more than 1 user to access each GPU. Do I still need the license? Cheers.

DDA / Passthrough still requires a license and is outlined in the document linked to.

In your scenario it will be Virtual Workstation Edition you require.

It’s not vGPU that’s licensed, it’s the entire GRID solution stack and passthrough is included in there.