Tesla M10 - Hyper-v 2016 - VDI windows 10 not working VGPU

HI All, I’d like to know if you can help me.

I have 2 Hyper-V 2016 servers 386 RAM + 2 Processors 32cores + 2 nVIDIA tesla M10

I have deployed on both, the NVidia Grid Software. On both servers I have set up the local policy to use hardware for remote desktop services. I have created a VM as the license server, I have activate it, register the MAC and downloaded the 90 trial license for 50 licenses from the Enterprise portal.

The license server show me that 2 licenses were delivered, one for each Hyper-V hosts associated with one of the MACs that the servers have.

I am deploying a VDI Windows 10 environment. I have tried with RemoteFX and without it but I am not getting the licensing from the server even I reserved the licenses by MAC.

How can I get the full experience for my VDIs? what I am missing? do I need install any nvidia driver / software over the Windows 10 image? what other configuration I need to deploy to deliver graphics experience over my 10 VDI W10 pool?

I have deleted and created the VDIs 15 times, trying all the options, configuring policies on the hosts… updating the last nVIDIA software realease… but…not working…

Please, could you help me?

Thank you very much for your help and time in advance.

So what’s the issue? Everything works as expected. Licensing is not fully enforced for RDSH or RemoteFX so there won’t be license aquisition as the licensing for RemoteFX is EULA based.

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