Tesla M10 card on Nutanix cluster running vSphere v6.5

I have a customer with a Tesla M10 card in an ESX v6.5 hypervisior. I have the license server installed, license installed and registered with NVidia license servers.

I have a Win 10 x64 VM with the Profile GPU set to grid_m10-1b for a (1 GB profile) there is also 8GB vRAM configured for this VM.
So I have tried multiple times to install the driver on the VM. It finishes but in device manager there are yellow triangles for Nvidia Grid M10-0B and VMware SVGA 3D. Also if I right-click on the desktop, I don’t even see the nVidia control panel as an option. I just see nView Desktop Manager. So I can’t assign the license. Has anyone seen this before? Any recommendations to resolving it?

Hi Monty,
which driver did you install?
You need to have a valid combination between host driver and guest driver.

regards Simon