Tesla M60, VMware vSphere 6.5U1, GPU Missing in Device Manager

Hello Forum Members

We have an issue with NVIDIA Tesla M60 (latest Driver 384.73) on HPE ProLiant DL380 G9 Servers with VMWARE. On Hypervisor Level everything looks fine, but the M60 is missing in every VM in Device Manger. So we can’t install the NVIDIA Driver in the VM, becaus of the missing GPU.

Hypervisor VMware ESXi Build 6.5.0 5969303
Latest NVIDIA VIB NVIDIA-VMware_ESXi_6.5_Host_Driver_384.73

Troubleshooting done:
Hypervisor -> Everything looks good
NVIDIA Driver is loaded, NVIDIA-SMI looks good. GPU is assigned to the VM.
GPU Mode is set to "Graphic"
Host Grafic Mode in ESXi is set to "Shared Direct"
The Shared PCI Device is added in the VM Configuration
The VM is starting without any errors

Any ideas?

Problem solved, Driver Package corrupt. After Download it again, the driver in the vm installed fine.