Nvidia Grid Licensing issues on the VM (License won't work properly)

So, we are using an Nvidia Tesla M60 with Windows Server 2016 on the Host and Windows Server 2016 on our VM guests.

We are going to be using Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) on HyperV 2016 so that we can hardware accelerate video on our single Remote Desktop Server Host (RDSH), so we can share a single server with 16 people or so.

I am now using the Nvidia Grid Drivers on the HyperV host and the Hyper-V guest.

We are using a grid evaluation license until April, 2018 to basically test to see if this will work for us.

The license server is another VM set up on the same HyperV host. That seems to be working correctly as I can see that I have a license and I uploaded my Bin file and everything looks to be great on there.

However, my issue is that I cannot activate the license on the VM. When I try it still says “unlicensed” and I even took down my firewall to see if it was a communications issue and it still won’t do anything even after a reboot.

I am using port 7070 and my license server is in my network and it should be fine. I have also tried to use the GPU mode switch to see what mode my GPU is in, but it says that the GPU does not exist, even though I see it in Device manager.

Can anyone get me to this last part?

I am going through the “QuickStart” guide and I thought I did everything right, but I don’t see the Licensing working on my VM side.

I have attached screenshots to show people. I am not worried about giving anything away because this is just an evaluation version.

See my response in your other thread.