GRID Licensing server

Hey all, so thanks to some talented people on this forum i was able to figure out how to lay out our plan to deploy a new batch of users who needs vGPUs.

I have a question, or want to double check with you guys if i am on the right path about licensing server.

We are planning on implementing 2 M10 on our new esxi server. Regarding to this, we are building a licensing server on one of the servers we already have.

I made a diagram according to this site

this is the diagram i drew quickly

on the red, is the servers we are building. is the diagram correct? or is there a line that connects in between vcentre and the licensing server


this is totally OK. It doesn’t matter on which host the license server runs. Every VM (with a vGPU profile assigned) just needs to be able to access the license server to aquire a valid license.


Does Nvidia use hard licensing? What happens if you use all your concurrent licenses? Will you be able to power on new VMs with GPU? Can you indefinitely overcommit the user licensing?