So I picked up a used Tesla M10 as an upgrade to our K1's... what's this about licensing?

We’re running GRID K1’s on our two VMWare VDI hosts, currently vSGA. Buying a relatively cheap used Tesla M10 seemed like it’d be a nice upgrade, until I tried to download ESXi 6.5 drivers. I’m getting the impression that in order to get drivers, beyond a 90 day eval period, it’s going to be very expensive? I can’t find hard info. We’re a small private university with an underfunded IT department. We use VDI for our student computer labs mostly, along with Samsung NC221 Teradici zero clients (mostly used). How badly did I mess up buying the M10? NVIDIA hasn’t responded to my request for info.


Firstly, I’d read this:

Then contact an NVIDIA GRID partner to source licenses. There are discounts for Education


Thanks! Our servers are Dell’s so we’ll contact them. We bought the K1’s from Dell. Hopefully that Education discount is nearly free…

So when the licensing guide says:

0: Unlicensed (Tesla edition)
2: GRID Virtual Workstation

Is 0 vSGA mode? If I can run vSGA mode without licensing I can live with that for now. If I can put our two K1’s in one server and the M10 in the other… will that even work, or do I have to have the same GPUs in both servers?