Create license server vgpu on linux

hello, I have availed 90 day trial version and I am stuck in downloading license server on linux
please help me out…There are videos for window and didn’t find any for linux.


could you please be more specific what you are going to achieve? There are different license servers available. You could use the legacy licserver or the new appliance which is always a linux template that you would import.
Here the documentation for the legacy:

BTW: You find the software for the licservers in the NV portal when you are in software downloads at the right top corner (additional software).


please explain me whats the issue here

What GPU are are you using? As you can see from the error message that the installer didn’t detect a capable GPU

what is the meaning of capable gpu…i am unable to download driver 472.98 but my system is capable as it says the hardware needed is windows10 - 64bit or windows 11

Please let me know what GPU we are talking about. Capable=supported GPU. The driver needs to support the DeviceID for the given GPU, otherwise the installer won’t work!

can you tell me what is the requierement of architecture for vgpu 90 day free trial.

It seems you are not really aware of the vGPU concept. You need a GPU that supports vGPU like T4, A40, A16 or others. In addition you need the software from NV portal which you already have.
Why don’t you tell us which GPU you have in your system?
I’m sorry but I cannot help further if you don’t answer the questions.

Regards Simon

i have geforce mx130…

Ok thanks. Geforce is not supported nor do I understand what you tried to achieve with vGPU.
This is a technology to share GPU performance of professional or datacenter GPUs in server systems. So you can serve multiple VMs with a GPU slice called vGPU profile.
Hope this helps for better understanding

…can you explain how can I install omniverese as I dont have rtx gpus

Omniverse won’t work either without a RTX GPU. You would need a GPU like A5000 first or at least a Geforce 3080 or 3090. Omniverse requires a lot of GPU memory to run.

on cloud

so for vgpu we must have a system with very high gpu like t4,a100 and from there it can serve to vms created


so if we take subscription of aws virtual workstation . we need not to have gpu in our system

Correct, but make sure to use the new offering with the A10G if you want to use Omniverse with this VM

it would be much appreciated if you could share the link

Sure. Please check the following offering:

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Thanks , but it is not available in our region mumbai,India