HyperV 2016 DDA questions

can someone clearify what version of what drivers needs to be installed?

in nvidia enterprise portal i only see a 4.6 grid driver (370.21) but i do see that there should be newer versions too! (at least under the vgpu driver sections, file name is the same: 370.21_grid_win10_server2016_64bit_international.exe vs 391.58_grid_win10_server2016_64bit_international)

are there any drivers needed on the hyperV Host itself? because disabling and dismounting the GPUs in Host makes the driver useless i guess…

only the driver in the Guest VM matters??

and how to license?

hyperV VM console does open in "enchanced session" (RDP) per default but can be switched to "basic session" but there the screen just stays black…

and in RDP Session i can’t open the nvidia control panel… i read in the forums here that this should be fixed in a future version, the post was from back in 2017 somewhat…

i did ran a a couple of tests and also monitored gpu utilization with gpuprofiler and it looks like the gpu is used even without any license installed…


Tesla M10…

basically the version question is answered allready… i did saw only old software because of an old trial license i had in my account… with a new license, new versions appeared too!

How to license?
It depends what you want to achieve.
For RDSH you would need vApps CCU licenses and for VDI you would need vPC or QvDWS licenses.




Do you know if there is a demo period or a way to test the hardware pass through prior to licensing? I don’t want to spend the money on something that will not work for us.