Hyper-V Server 2016, T4 using discrete device assignment


We have purchased a Nvidia T4 card to test performance with a dedicated GPU within an RDSH server, the Hyper-V host is 2016, the VM is 2019.

Following a guide we have set the lowmemory and highmemory settings in Powershell.

Disabled and dismounted the device from the host and then assigned the device to the 2019 VM.

From within the VM I can see an “NVIDIA Tesla T4” and the “Microsoft Hyper-V Video” is disabled.

Installed the NVIDIA driver which includes RTX and WMI.

Currently the GFX doesn’t show in Task Manager, also if I run “DXDIAG” it references the “Microsoft Basic Display Driver” not the NVIDIA, so we seem to be missing a step.

Use hardware graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions is also enabled via GP.

Do we need to install a licensing server for it to function correctly? I am fine setting this up I just wanted to do some testing before going through that.

I have seen mention of downloading a driver from the licensing portal, which I have done, does that need installing on the host, the VM or both? Is that what I am currently missing?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks

Appologise I have just tried uninstalling the original driver from within the VM and installing the one downloaded from the portal and it is now showing up in Task Manager.

We will commence testing