Information about licencing for Quadro RTX4000 and RDS on Physical dl360 gen10

Hi, I am aware that for use a tesla T4 video card on my rdsh windows server 2016, i need to deploy a licence server a add a nvidia grid driver on that server (licence type vpc ou vws I believe). These licence will me allow to get the wddm driver for windows and use this card for users on the rds server.
If I change the tesla by a quadro rtx4000, is that card would be wddm native ready or do I need a licence to make it works in the rds server like the tesla?

Any help would be veryhelpful (I begin in this world of GPU for rds and It’s not very clear for me.



You would need vApps licensing to be precise in case of RDSH and T4 GPU.
RTX4000 doesn’t require additional licensing as you can use the RTX driver which supports WDDM out of the box but you won’t get enterprise support.

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