Microsoft DDA and RTX A 4000 / 4500 +

Good morning everyone,

I seem to have run into an issue regarding Nvidias Licensing, sadly our Salesrep and Nvidia Partner was not able to give us a clear answer regarding the following Topic:

Do we need any licensing to use DDA (Passthrough) with an Nvidia RTX A 4000 or 4500 to a VM that is an RDSH Server.

If we would decide to use an RTX A 5000 instead, would that GPU require a licence ?

We couldn’t really find any good information regarding that topic.

You won’t need a license for A4000 and A4500 as these are pure RTX GPUs.
A5000 is a bit different as it could run in RTX mode as well as in Datacenter mode (vGPU support). So it would depend on the mode and the driver in use (RTX<–>vGPU driver)

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your quick reply, that helps me alot.

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