RTX6000 on Physical Rack workstation

I have a quick question, is the Quadro virtual DWS installed by the NVidia vGPU software, and is it required for a 1:1 dedicated rack workstation using an RTX6000? The NVIDIA vGPU software only comes in hypervisor flavors, and the machine running the RTX6000 is Windows 10 (no hypervisor). I’ve been told that the QvDWS is necessary to access more than 2GB of GPU memory, is that also true?

Hi Paul

If you’re using an RTX 6000 / 8000 in Passthrough, no license is required and you can use the standard driver from the public website in the same way as if you were installing it in a local workstation. You only need a license when you’re using vGPU.

QvDWS is required for more than 2GB of Framebuffer, but that’s only if you’re using vGPU.