Deployment Guide for Quadro RTX 8000 on VMware vSphere

Hi all,

Help me please with Deployment Guide for Quadro RTX 8000 on VMware vSphere.
I want install Quadro RTX 8000 in HPE Proliant DL385 Gen10 and use VMware vSphere 6.7 for 10 VMs for AutoCAD, Solidworks and 3D Studio.

I don’t want deploy Horizon completely because I think it’s overhead for my purpose. I want a minimal infrastructure for this purpose. Can I use only VMware vSphere for my purpose, without Horizon? Which software and licenses needed?

Where described the installation process?

Thank you!


You need vCenter Standard and vSphere Enterprise Plus. You’ll also need a connection protocol that’s good enough to support your specific workload and handle your users peripherals (3D Space Mice etc).

If you were to use Horizon, vCenter and vSphere licenses are included, and it’s available in packs of 10, so it fits your use case perfectly. You could then use the Direct Connect option to save you having to deploy all the back end components.

Alternatively, you could simply use something like Teradici Cloud Access Plus or Mechdyne TGX. These require no supporting backend infrastructure, however you’ll need to purchase vCenter Standard and vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll need NVIDIA QvDWS licensing for either deployment which is licensed per CCU, so you’ll need 10 of them.



Thank you for your answer, MG.

Can you describe following information. What is the price of licenses. Which limitations will be if I don’t have the licenses?


Without licensing the vGPU Software, you will not be able to use it. You’ll be limited to 1 user Per GPU in Passthrough. Or, you’ll need to run RDSH, again using the GPU in Passthrough and using the standard Quadro driver (not vGPU). You’ll still need a good connection protocol mentioned above.

Speak to your local vGPU reseller for the best vGPU pricing. If you want individual VMs per user, you’ll need 10x QvDWS licenses (1 for each user).