About licensing (nVidia - VMware)

We would like to upgrade our hardware but have a hard time figuring out what kind of nVidia and VMware licenses are needed.

We currently have every host with a GRID K1 card and use VMware’s Essential Plus license.
The card is assigned in PCI passthrough mode to a single Citrix machine that we use for shared desktop.

The new host that was proposed to us has a T4 card, but they told us that it is necessary to switch to use vGPU and upgrade the VMware license.
We want to keep PCI passthrough mode (the entire card assigned to a single machine) and, above all, we do not want to update the vmWare license…is it possible? We have not found clear documentation about it…

As long as you use the T4 in Passthrough there is no need for VMWare Enterprise Plus. But you will need Nvidia vApps licenses no matter if you use Passthrough or vGPU.


Thanks Simone!

Is there a link or document where it is clearly written? :-)

Here you can see that vGPU requires Enterprise Plus:

If you run only Passthrough you can trust me that you are fine with vSphere Standard Edition :)

I believe you, it is that I have to convince others! :-)

Thanks again!