Vmware licensing for passthrough mode


I am planing to use NVIDIA Tesla M10 card in passthrough mode -
4 VMs per host for Citrix XenApp shared desktop
on top of Vmware ESXi hypervisor

Will I be able to do it using VSphere Standard license or I need Enterprise Plus anyway?

vGPU is a feature of Enterprise Plus therefore if you use passthrough there is no need to have Enterprise Plus licensing

IF we are using an M10 and passing through the 4 GPU’s to 4 different XenApp machines. Do we need to by quadro or vApps?

see your other thread…

I would like to be sure of what was answered above.

Actuallyi have have a request for a single rack (testing system) with an ESXi onboard.
With Vsphere Standard Licence are we able to create passthru gpu devices with 1/2 tesla P100
and use it on some different virtual machine like a normal grahpics interface?
The request i’ts to test only the 3D acceleration for some VirtualReality applications,
no deep learning or other.

best regards
Alessandro Rei


not really sure what you ask. Passthrough is 1:1 assignment and has nothing to do with 1/2.
For sure you can use a GPU in Passthrough for graphics but you need a QvDWS license in addition!


So sorry for the "1/2"
i mean One or Two Tesla P100 in passthrough over "some" vm,
but thanks in advance for the info about the QvDWS licence.