Does NVIDIA A100 support NVIDIA RTS Virtual Workstation technology?

Does NVIDIA A100 support NVIDIA RTS Virtual Workstation (vWS) technology ? We have a Dell Poweredge 740xd server, it has an NVIDIA Tesla V 100 video card. NVIDIA Grid is connected using NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS).
And another question. We have one perpetual license for NVIDA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS). Is it suitable for NVIDIA A100 video card? Is it suitable for two video cards: ours and the new one? Thank you

A100 is for pure compute. You cannot use vWS with that GPU. This also answers your second question.
BTW: You need 1 vWS license per vGPU profile so you would need more that 1 license if we assume you would have a working second GPU for vWS use case.

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Thank you very much for the answer. Then the most powerful for this license will be NVidia L 40?

Correct :)

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Thank you very much

The license contains NVIDIA RTS Virtual Workstation (vWS) and NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps). Is it possible to make Virtual Applications (vApps) on a Tesla V 100 video card with this one license, and Virtual Workstation (vWS) on an NVIDIA L 40?

No, you only get the vApps license “for free” as we assume the use of published apps in a VDI session for the same user and therefore we grant the vApps license in addition.

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It’s clear. Thank you so much for all your answers