Can I use OpenGL in Windows 10 with Tesla V100 GPU?

We have a Tesla V100 GPU card and I’d like to run a few simple OpengGL applications on Windows 10. After browsing on the web, I don’t see V100 is supported in the below link:

Can you help me on this topic?
If it can, please give me some introductory on the driver and procedures.

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I am seeing a similar issue with a Tesla P4. Have you made any progress or have any notes to share?

I am also needing to know if this is possible. Can an Nvidia rep chime in on this topic?

Hello @hprather1 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forum.

Quite an old thread you found here! The answer is Yes and No.

Yes, all of our server and workstation cards of course support OpenGL.

No because “officially” our unified driver architecture does not support server and workstation cards in Windows desktop systems. But of course if you are able to get the normal GeForce drivers to work with your Tesla or similar GPU, it will also run OGL. There will be other limitations in terms of normal Windows Graphics support, so even though OpenGL compute might work, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to run the windowing/GDI rendering aspects with the GPU in Windows.

I hope this answered your question.


Hi @MarkusHoHo,

I managed to get in touch with Nvidia reps through Dell and got a trial version of the Nvidia GRID license. Through this trial I was able to get the Tesla V100 to run the software we use through Windows RDP. Perhaps our software has no other requirements besides OpenGL but I had no problems with it once it was set up.

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Perfect! Good to hear that!

Best of success with your project!

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