Tesla P4, OpenGL not supported ?

I need to run a windows application that requires OpenGL.
Out of the box on a server equiped with a Tesla P4, it’s not working.
I think this is because the driver is in TCC mode but switching to WDDM is not possible :

C:…>nvidia-smi.exe -fdm 0
Unable to set driver model for GPU 00000000:37:00.0: Not Supported
Treating as warning and moving on.
All done.

Is there a way to use OpenGL on a server equiped with a Tesla P4 ?
Thanks for your help

System Information :

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp : Thu Apr 18 11:24:49 2019
Driver Version : 419.69
CUDA Version : 10.1

Attached GPUs : 1
GPU 00000000:37:00.0
Product Name : Tesla P4
Product Brand : Tesla
Display Mode : Enabled
Display Active : Disabled
Persistence Mode : N/A
Accounting Mode : Disabled
Accounting Mode Buffer Size : 4000
Driver Model
Current : TCC
Pending : TCC
Serial Number : 0324318063608
GPU UUID : GPU-d82d66ce-c5a6-b6a0-7d88-79e5fcaabd4c
Minor Number : N/A
VBIOS Version : 86.04.8C.00.10
MultiGPU Board : No
Board ID : 0x3700
GPU Part Number : 900-2G414-0300-000
Inforom Version
Image Version : G414.0200.00.03
OEM Object : 1.1
ECC Object : 4.1
Power Management Object : N/A
GPU Operation Mode
Current : N/A
Pending : N/A
GPU Virtualization Mode
Virtualization mode : None
Relaxed Ordering Mode : N/A

I believe that I am seeing a similar issue, have you made any progress or have any notes that you can share?