NVIDIA Tesla M60 - VMWARE 6.5 - RDSH

We are planning to move from traditional Computers to a RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Host) enviroment.
No I am wondering if the idea I’m having is actually going to work…

I’m having a VMWARE 6.5 farm controlled by VCENTER. The Servers in this farm are HP DL80 Gen9.
In these servers I’m planning to install a NVIDIA Tesla M60 card so this card will be available within VMWARE to the Virtual Machines (should work: http://images.nvidia.com/content/pdf/grid/guides/quickstartguide.pdf)

With the NVIDIA Tesla M60 card available within VMWARE, I’m going to build several Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 or Windows 2016 Virtual Machines. These MS Servers will be installed with the RDP Role.
Users will use PXE boot to boot into a Thinstation (http://thinstation.github.io/thinstation/) enviroment that will connect to the RDP enviroment on VMWARE.

Now the big question is: Will the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU in this setup be available for all the RDP clients? Is there something that needs to be done with RemoteFX? Am I missing something else? etc.

Any help / good info will be appreciated.

Hi Beaker,

that will work. You won’t need RemoteFX. BTW RemoteFX won’t work at all for Server OS :) You will need vApps licensing for your given RDSH use case and you could use Passthrough or vGPU depending on the VM density you are going to get. I would recommend to use at least 4GB Framebuffer for the RDSH VMs. You might also consider to use M10 instead of M60 if you don’t use 3D pro apps on RDSH.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for your answer. It is good to hear that the solution will work.
We’re not going to use 3D pro apps, it is just default office and some other (not heavy) applications, so the M10 should be a good option as well.

Is the vApp licensing correct? We are delivering a full desktop and not just apps.

I’m new to Grid cards so settings as Framebuffers etc. is something I need to figure out.
Tips are welcome :-)

Regards Pascal


yes vApps is correct. You can use RDSH Desktops or apps with vApps licensing.

Best regards


Hi Beaker,

I have same requirements using VMware ESXi and Windows 2016 with RDSH role. How did you get on with GRID? Can you pass the vCPUs to multiple Windows 2016 RDSH servers? How many server can you get running with 1 card?

Use the M10 and assign every RDSH VM a M10-8A profile or passthough. So you get 4 VMs on one M10.