Hyper-V DDA and RDP

Hello all,

We have a R740 server with Windows Server 2019 and 3X Tesla V100. I installed Hyper-v, RDS-V and one Server 2019 VM as RDSH (I plan doing 3 RDSH VMs). The DDA configuration ran OK and I can see the V100 adapter on the RDSH VM. But when I open a session to the RDSH VM, OpenGL is not available nor DirectX. Any application returns an error that DX12 is not installed or whatever. The V100 drivers are installed on the RDSH VM. I assume the V100 adapter is not used. Obviously, the "Use hardware graphics adapters for all Remote Desktop Services sessions" setting is also enabled.

Any help would be great. It seems i’m missing something. Could the V100 adapter be stuck in compute mode ?

I also tried my luck with RemoteFX but the get-vMRemoteFXPhysicalVideoAdapter commands returns absolutely nothing on the host. The drivers are also installed on the host.

I think this system was used has a Linux gpu compute node before.