Black screen while gaming with lutris on arch

Hi i am experiencing sudden black screen while gaming in arch on lutris.
These screens sometimes stay or 2 to 3 second and other times they stay for more than 5 mins.
While gaming some lines or overlays can be seen those as of loading.
Interestingly these lines could be seen while watching videos on youtube.
os: arch , card = gtx 1650 super
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (333.1 KB)

Which DE/WM are you using, I can’t see any running on the nvidia gpu?

awesome wm , gnome .
Do me using a electric extension board to the display affect this situation ? ,
It sometimes seems to happen while the power is out but that is not fixated.
i am using xorg , does it affect the gaming performance also this only happened with two of the three games i played , maybe the high usage of game + awesome is to blame ?

Since awesome is a simple WM, it shouldn’t have any influence on this, it doesn’t do any compositing so it also doesn’t show up in the list of gpu processes.
What kind of “electric extension board” are you using? Does it use power from the DisplayPort? Might very well be it gets unstable in high load situations.

i am using a electrical extension board , that is connected to a electrical switch. its powering my monitor , a type c fast charger and a micro usb charger. I am using hdmi , strangely these blackouts seems to sometimes come while the electricity is not available and the area is running on backups

does display drivers have a problem , anything broken perhaps ?
any other readings you suggest would help in evaluation of the problem ?

No, driver is installed fine and the Xorg logs don’t have a sign of the monitor being disconnected at any time.

Soo ? anything you think would help ?

No idea, taking the power instabilities into account.