BlueField DPU Scalable Function

I have BlueField-2
on the dpu I’m using bf-bundle-2.7.0-33_24.04_ubuntu-22.04_prod image
I’m trying to follow NVIDIA BlueField DPU Scalable Function User Guide - NVIDIA Docs document and create SF
first I run "mlxconfig -d 0000:03:00.0 s PF_BAR2_ENABLE=0 PER_PF_NUM_SF=1 PF_TOTAL_SF=236 PF_SF_BAR_SIZE=10
" and reboot the dpu.
then I run “/opt/mellanox/iproute2/sbin/mlxdevm port add pci/0000:03:00.0 flavour pcisf pfnum 0 sfnum 4
" but I got an error: "Error: mlx5_core: Port add is only supported in eswitch switchdev mode or SF ports are disabled.
kernel answers: Operation not supported

can someone explain what I need to do to solve it?

Hi aviad.rotem,

Ensure that the embedded switch (eswitch) is in switchdev mode. You can check the mode with the following command:

devlink dev eswitch show pci/0000:03:00.0

If the eswitch is not in switchdev mode, you can set it with:

devlink dev eswitch set pci/0000:03:00.0 mode switchdev

Best Regards,

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