BootRom communication Failed..

I installed the JetPack and followed the stpes for installation and evrything went well till the flashing of the target. When it doing the target installation, after I put it in the reovery mode(lsusb detected Nvida corp), it shows the bootrom communication failed.

What will be causing this issue? even I tried the following steps, there also it failed with the same issue

  1. Download the latest L4T release package and sample file system for your
    Jetson Developer Kit from Jetson Linux Archive | NVIDIA Developer.

    If NVIDIA does not yet provide a public release for the Jetson Developer Kit
    you have, please contact your NVIDIA support representative to obtain the
    latest L4T release package for use with the Jetson Developer Kit.

  2. Untar the files and assemble the rootfs with the following commands:

    sudo tar xpf ${L4T_RELEASE_PACKAGE}
    cd Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/
    sudo tar xpf …/…/${SAMPLE_FS_PACKAGE}
    cd …
    sudo ./

  3. Flash the rootfs onto the system’s internal eMMC.

    a) Ensure your Linux host system is connected to the Jetson Developer Kit’s
    micro-USB port using a USB cable.

    b) Put your Jetson Developer Kit into “USB Recovery Mode” (RCM). In all
    cases, press and hold the “REC” (force recovery) button for the duration
    of this step. Then, if your Jetson Developer Kit is powered off, press
    and release the “POWERBTN” button, or if your Jetson Developer Kit is
    already powered on, press and release the “RST” (reset) button. Finally,
    release the “REC” button.

    c) Install (flash) the L4T release onto the Jetson Developer Kit, by
    executing the following command on your Linux host system:

    sudo ./ ${BOARD} mmcblk0p1

Please help me to resolve this


Is this a VM or native install of the host? Note: If you are running sudo on then any x86_64 Linux will work; if you are using JetPack, then you need Ubuntu 14.04 (16.04 works if you don’t install the host-side options).

${BOARD} refers to the board name i.e. jetson-tx2
When you flashed the board, what did you substitute for the ${BOARD} variable? What was the exact command you executed?