Building 4.4.38-tegra kernel for TX2, vs 4.4.38.


I am trying to build the kernel for TX2 and follow the instructions defined in

The problem I am having is that the build version is 4.4.38 and not 4.4.38-tegra. Have I misssed something in the config files, or do I have the wrong sources?



The “4.4.38” is from the actual source code version. Within the “.config” file, the suffix is from the “CONFIG_LOCALVERSION”. This is one of the few options which are safe to directly edit with a text editor, but the menu config editors also make this available (I forget where, one of the general options near the top). Example:


FYI, if you were to copy the “/proc/config.gz”, gunzip it, and rename it as “.config”, then it is an exact match to the running system’s config…other than CONFIG_LOCALVERSION.