Building Autonomous Machines: NVIDIA webinar this Thursday 7/14

You’re invited to join us online for a fascinating, informative webinar on prototyping and developing autonomous products using NVIDIA’s Jetson TX1 embedded platform:

Building Better Autonomous Machines with NVIDIA Jetson
Thursday, July 14, 2016
9:00am – 10:00am PST (1 hour)

Registration link

Jetson gives you a fast, easy way to prototype and experiment across a range of high-performance disciplines. These include everything from performant computer vision, neural networks, and imaging peripherals to complete autonomous systems.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the Jetson TX1’s onboard hardware features and components, Deep Learning, OpenCV, VisionWorks, ROS, and a variety of partner peripherals. The session will conclude with a question and answer session, and we can discuss things further in this thread.

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, July 14 to learn more how to prototype, research, and develop your next brilliant creation.


I’m giving a tech presentation on Monday to our company’s Director and need some info from today’s webinar, “Building Better Autonomous Machines with NVIDIA Jetson”. Can you send me a link or email your slides? I particularly need the slide with the block drawing showing the development stack of library or open-source options for TX1.


Sure thing, and thanks for joining us earlier.

I sent them to you via e-mail.

Hi, I had to miss the webinar after watching the first few minutes. Is a recording available somewhere?


Not sure the recording is uploaded yet, here’s a link to the slides though:

Hey, dusty_nv, I was at a meeting thus I missed the webinar as well. Thank you for sharing the slides, if/when available, could you share the whole webinar as well?

One more thing, I know it was asked before, and you’d replied with Tx1 is being a linux computer and we can look for linux tutorials, is there any further tutorial and/or a project I can follow as a guide? (our goal with Tx1 is indoor navigation and slam on multicopters)

Thanks again for all the help!

Here’s a link to the recording —

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our last webinar!

NVIDIA is hosting another webinar on July 26th, Teach Robotics with the Jetson Teaching Kit for Educators

We’ll introduce you to a comprehensive set of academic labs and university teaching material targeted at ‘Jet’, the new NVIDIA Jetson-based low-cost, smart, autonomous, educational robot for use in introductory and advanced interdisciplinary robotics courses. The teaching materials start with the basics and focus on programming ‘Jet’, and move on to advanced topics such as computer vision, machine learning, robot localization and controls.

Registration -…s-webinar.html
Date/Time - Tuesday, July 26th from 9-10am PST

Hey Dustin,
Can you please post links also to the slides and recording of the Tech Robotics webinar?
That would be extremely helpful.

Here’s a link to the slides awhile:

Let me see if I can track down the recording to the Tech Robotics webinar.