Building your own personal supercomputer What we did and what problems we had

Ok we have it all working now. I’ve just edited the original post, but the solution was indeed to use right angle SATA cables and then you can fit 4 cards no problem!!!
Cheers everyone for your advice and help on this, in the end the solution was simple!

Hi anthonyfmorse,

I am trying to fit the 4th Tesla card on the last slot of the Tyan S7025, but I can’t do it with the SATA cables there.

I would appreciate if you could post here the name of the right angle Sata cables you bought and the vendor. Also, did you need a PCIe extension? if so, where did you buy it? What did you do with the audio and usb cables that are next to the sata cables?



Hmm, the last time I had some mainboard connectors / jumpers in the way, I cut a hole into my graphics card’s plastic casing. Okay, it wasn’t an expensive Tesla board - but still…

Yes, but, if you’re using the C2050 for video output then your kernel call length is limited by your OS (to ~3-5seconds, depending on the OS). Correct me if I’m wrong about this.