Calling certain math functions in kernel


I am attempting to make calls to sinh and cosh from within a device function. When I just call sinh it says can not run cpu code on gpu. When I include the math_functions.h header I am able to use sinhf but not sinh. Sinh still produces the same error. I am attempting to use the sinh found inside math_functions_dbl_ptx3.h but do not know how to specifically tell the function thats the call I am trying to make. I have included the file but am lost about specifying that I use to use that sinh. Any help would be much appreciated.

Are you compiling for a compute capability >=1.3 and have your used the appropriate -arch=… flag for this?

Ok so I tried -arch=sm_21 and it still wont let compile sinh in the kernel. Any ideas how to call certain math functions from within the kernel?