[dumb question] unable to find math functions documentation

Hello there,

I don’t find anything about the special math functions that are supported on the device, I’ve searched all those pdfs available but just fail to find it… I mean something like sincos (Well, I know how it works, just as example), where is it explained? How would people who are new to this know what those functions are good for, or how would they know that those functions exist?

The “performance guidelines” is so huge and tells you really everything about memory usage, intrinsics and all this, but where is the documentation for those useful functions?

I must have missed something terribly…



I think nearly all of the CUDA math functions listed in appendix C are standard math functions provided by most C runtimes. (Either C99 standard, older standards, or common extensions.) I’ve found all of the ones I’ve tried in the Linux programmer man pages. If you aren’t using Linux, then Google will locate an explanation of the function pretty quickly.