Camera video stream via UDP or TCP/IP


I’m using NVIDIA Drive PX2 and Driveworks for the development, and I am really curious, if it possible to stream the camera video using e.g. FFMPEG via UDP or TCP/IP? Or does Driveworks provide possiblities to do that?

Many thanks in advance.

Dear Afrizal,

If you are using sample_drivenet sample in DW, this is not supported by the sample.
The sample is shared as source.
The best approach would be for you to implement a layer which does whatever it needs to do to get video from the network stream or pipe, create dwImageCUDA out of it in the right format (see source of the sample) and give it to dwDrivenet for inference. Thanks.

Any examples of that? I’m also interested of get the video from the cameras of the PX2 and stream using ffmpeg

Dear socieboy,

There is no example to be met in that case.
However, you can record the images using DrivePX2 and GMSL camera. Thanks.

Thanks for your response, We had success to record the cameras with the Drive Px2;
But what we are looking for is the ability to access the camera feed from outside of your box via HTTP or RTSP protocol. (Live Stream Images);

I was able to do something similar in ubuntu 16.04 with USB cameras, how can I do that with the cameras GMSL.

Dear socieboy,

Please refer to below link for your topic. Thanks.