Can Blast use decoder in vGPU?

I have a special use case: several users login in to VM with vGPU. They then need to log to secondary VMs from there. How can I make sure that Blast uses the decoder in vGPU? is it even possible for Blast to use decoder in vGPU? Or will it just always use the H264 decoder in the CPU?

Hi DN,

I’m not sure what you’re going to achieve. If there is something that need to be encoded or decoded within the session than this is done with NVDEC/NVENC as long as a supported codec (e.g. H264) is used. For Pascal we can decode for example in addition VP9.
See here for details:



Thank you Simon. This is helpful. Also, in some datasheets, Tesla M60 for example, shows that the NVENC can process up to 36 H.264 1080p30 streams. Do you know any similar information on NVDEC, i.e. how many stream it can handle? There is very minimal information on the NVDEC in the datasheet.