Can bus transciever for jetson nx


I have been trying to use CAN-BUS on the JETSON NX development board. The transceiver I am using is TJA1050 with the S pin to ground VCC at 5V (given externally through a buck) my question is:-

Are the CAN pin (RX and TX) on the NX capable of handling 5V, as I was not able to gain much information from the datasheet where it says its voltage is CMOS-3.3V

Also, What if the CAN pin gets a very high spike can it damage the NX, in a way where the system gets overheated and also does not allow the bootup.

Thanks a lot for the help in advance.

It’s 3.3v only, a level shift is necessary if using 5v.

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Hey, @Trumany thanks a lot for replying so when I use TJA1050 which is a 5V CAN transceiver without a level shifter there are chances that I can damage the GPIO pins, as I did that test and it looks like my Xavier is heating up a lot and also one of my jetson has stopped booting up.

Also for the CAN is there a way to mux those pins onto the external headers without soldering onto the board. Also, the SOC has two can bus right CAN0 and CAN1 but the dev kit only supports one (just checking if this statement is right).

Higher voltage could damage the chip.

Only one CAN is available on NX module.

Hey @Trumany got it solved with a 3.3V can transceiver. Thanks for the help.

Apparently if we connect a 5V one we can generate a spike that will damage the nx and short VCC and GND leading to xavier heating up and eventually failing.