Can I define more than one variable in shared memory?

I am newly to shared memory programming. I have read books about CUDA but they give examples about shared memory that define only one variable. Can I define more than one variable using shared memory inside the kernel?

 __shared__ char patternRemovedShared[256]; 
 __shared__ char srcShared[256]; 
 __shared__ int srcIndicesShared[256];

In the CUDA programming guide section on shared memory, the first example they give should answer your question:

 __global__ void MatMulKernel(Matrix A, Matrix B, Matrix C)
    // Block row and column
    int blockRow = blockIdx.y;
    int blockCol = blockIdx.x;

    // Each thread block computes one sub-matrix Csub of C
    Matrix Csub = GetSubMatrix(C, blockRow, blockCol);

    // Each thread computes one element of Csub
    // by accumulating results into Cvalue
    float Cvalue = 0;

    // Thread row and column within Csub
    int row = threadIdx.y;
    int col = threadIdx.x;

    // Loop over all the sub-matrices of A and B that are
    // required to compute Csub
    // Multiply each pair of sub-matrices together
    // and accumulate the results
    for (int m = 0; m < (A.width / BLOCK_SIZE); ++m) {

        // Get sub-matrix Asub of A
        Matrix Asub = GetSubMatrix(A, blockRow, m);

        // Get sub-matrix Bsub of B
        Matrix Bsub = GetSubMatrix(B, m, blockCol);

        // Shared memory used to store Asub and Bsub respectively
        __shared__ float As[BLOCK_SIZE][BLOCK_SIZE];
        __shared__ float Bs[BLOCK_SIZE][BLOCK_SIZE];

Thanks Robert.