can i use "normal" nvidia drivers instead of the dev drivers for cuda ?

I’m trying to figure out the nvidia numbering process. Seems like the dev driver version right now is 270.41.19 - but the non-dev version is up to 275.09.07 - is there any relationship between the numbers - i.e. are the changes made to the dev version of the driver ever rolled into some version of the non-dev version ? or are there more pervasive difference like extended debug info etc ?

I ask because ever since switching to the dev driver, my computer’s graphics performance under gnome is noticeably worse. i’m running ubuntu 11.04 with gnome classic desktop.

You can use the normal drivers, if they have been released some time after the dev drivers. The dev drivers are just intended to provide a minimum baseline of support for that CUDA release, which is folded into later driver releases.

There have been a few (maybe one, I vaguely recall) cases where the higher version numbered normal driver hadn’t yet pulled in all the features from the dev driver, but I think you will probably be OK here. Give it a try.