Can I use PGI compiler without GPU


can I use PGI accelerator compiler for programming without GPU card?

I try to install PGI accelerator compiler in one computer without GPU card,and run pgaccelinfo -v ,the result is : not found not found
No accelerators found.
Check that you have installed the CUDA or CAL libraries properly
Check that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable points to the CUDA or CAL runtime installation directory

Is that mean that I could not use PGI accelerator compiler ?

I’m looking forward your reply

Hi Teslalady,

“pgaccelinfo” is a utility used to discover which devices are available on a system and the “-v” is just giving you more information as to why the utility can detect a device.

The compilers are able to create GPU enabled binaries on systems without a GPU. However, the build system does need the PGI supplied CUDA Toolkit installed.

  • Mat

OK,I try to install CUDA Toolkit.