cannot be found

I am using pgi version 12.8
Enable for cuda and pgaccelerators.

But I am facing problems about the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

#pgaccelinfo -v not found not found
No accelerators found.
Check that you have installed the CUDA or CAL libraries properly
Check that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable points to the CUDA or CAL runtime installation directory

I could build the matrix multiplication example with accelator and build with the following options

pgfortran -fast -acc - Minf -g -pg matrx-acc.f90

Then after qsub to my cluster i got the gmoun.out

Then I tried to use the pgcollect and pgprof

pgcollect a.out not found, exiting
Please check that the CUDA driver is installed and the shared object is in the install directory or on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
target process abnormal termination: Error: process received signal: Exception
no profile generated

The visual pgprof also failed.

Cuda is installed in my /usr/local but the does not exist there.

ls /usr/local/cuda/lib64/

Could you give any advice because this is critical issue for me to start parallelizing my project.

Thank you.

Hi Koffi,

It appears that you don’t have a CUDA driver or NVIDIA GPU installed on this system.

You can find information on the CUDA driver at: or the full CUDA SDK (which includes an option to install the driver) at

Hope this helps,

Thank very much mkcolg.

I think you are right when looking to the follwing

$ lspci | grep nvidia
response: (no reply)
$ nvidia-smi
-bash: nvidia-smi: command not found

I will ask the system adminstrator to install because i do not have the root permission