Can this be done? CUDA Video Processing

CUDA Developers,

I’ve been handed a video processing task that I am wondering whether or not it can be done! :)

We will be taking in mezzanine video which will be delivered live MPEG-2 at 100 Mb/s. We need to de-interlace it and decompress it to raw RGB.

We then have some CUDA condition code that runs on the raw RGB video.

After that is done we want to re-encode it as MPEG-2 100 Mb/s and send it out live.

Since we already have the CUDA conditioning code running, i thought it would be the best approach to also decode and re-encode using the CUDA GPU.

I was assuming I could get a good video capture card like something from Aja or BlackMagic for the video I/O. I was also assuming that those devices could be opened as a raw I/O device.

I saw the sample code for the CUDA Video Decoder API and I though that this might be exactly what I need. Does the API also support de-interlace? and re-encoding?

Am I off base with my I/O assumptions?


G’day - did you figure out a way to do this? If so, can you post your solution up here? I have a similar requirement for a prospective project, it would be good to know if this wheel has already been created…