cuda and video io

has anyone done any work with reading and writing video using cuda? it seems like it would be something that could be done efficiently with the GPU, but i couldn’t find anything when i looked.


If you mean performing DMA transfers directly from a video capture card to the GPU, this has been requested, but that’s about it. Currently you have to ping-pong frames from a capture card to the GPU through a buffer in system memory.

Or do you mean encoding/decoding video into compressed formats?

I am curious about DMA, but also about writing video. Currently, I am transferring arrays of pixel values to Matlab in order to write to avi. Are there any CUDA or other GPU libraries for video writing.

Commercial h.264 encoder:

Open-source Dirac encoder:

Dirac is some crazy Wavelet scheme by the British Broadcasting Corporation. One of the nice regulars of the forum did the CUDA implementation I think.